If you’re a no-drama, low-maintenance, easy to please type of person – we have a countertop to match your personality: Soapstone.


If you’re comparing countertops, Soapstone is definitely one to consider if you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining natural stone.


Here’s everything to consider when you’re looking at Soapstone for your home…




According to our Dorado Soapstone partners

Soapstone, also known as Soaprock, is a blend of different materials with high percentages of olivine, serpentine and talc. The olivine and serpentine give the stone its characteristically green color and the talc gives the stone the luscious soft texture that has made it famous.”

– Dorado Soapstone


The talc material gives Soapstone its powdered and milky look, as well as a soft touch that you won’t find with most other natural stones.




 Soapstone countertops can be used in almost any design aesthetic.


You’ll often see it go with styles that range from diverse to more traditional and country kitchen themes love this look.


You have a range of color options that typically include slight to rich marbling which gives it that veining look.





This natural stone is highly unique compared to granite, marble and even quartz because it is chemically inert.


And what does that mean (if you’re not big into science and chemistry)?


It means that Soapstone is non-reactive.

So, you don’t have to worry about spills, cleaning solutions or any other chemicals reacting with Soapstone and potentially causing damage to your countertop.



Even though Soapstone doesn’t have the hard surface that granite does, it does have flexibility.


And with that flexibility comes the ability to withstand added weight or stress.




Soapstone is non-porous therefore you’re not going to find stuff stuck in the potential cracks.


These cracks love to have bacteria, last night’s dinner (and anything else that will fit in it) over for dinner – to stay.


Soapstone is highly sanitary for this reason and can be cleaned with a rag or sponge (using mild soap).





Soapstone can go beyond just being heat-resistant – it loves to absorb and retain heat as well.


And this makes it a perfect use for not only hot pans when cooking, but also allows this natural stone to be used for an area like the fireplace.


Imagine using your fireplace and allowing Soapstone to do some of the extra heat work for you?!




Soapstone is not without a weakness!


Because it has more flexibility to it make sure to avoid chips and scratches as much as possible.


Keep that in mind as it can be fairly easy to slip and drop a heavy pan or object on it.




What do you think of Soapstone now that you know the pros and cons?


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Can’t wait to see you!

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