Are you in the market for countertops and can’t understand why people keep remarking, “You know you have to choose granite countertops!”?

It’s a statement that’s often made by those who’ve experienced granite in their own home and, well, want to pass on their love to others in the market for their dream countertops.

Let’s take a look at what granite is and why it usually ranks at the top of anyone’s list for ideal countertops.

What Is Granite?

The easy answer is that granite is literally hard as a rock and because of that, one of the most durable surfaces out there.

But if you like to geek out and get your science on, here’s a geologist’s perspective on granite…

“Granite is an igneous rock made up of primarily quartz, feldspar, micas, amphiboles, and a mixture of additional trace minerals. These minerals and their variation in abundance and alteration give granite the numerous colors and textures we see in granite countertops. Formally, granite is a plutonic rock that is composed of between 10 to 50% quartz (typically semi-transparent white) and 65 to 90% total feldspar (typically a pinkish or white hue)… Granite is an intrusive igneous rock, which means it was formed in place during the cooling of molten rock. Generally, the slower the molten rock cooled, the larger it’s mineral crystals with K-Feldspar megacrysts forming in special circumstances greater than 5cm. During formation of granite it is buried below kilometers of rock and sediment necessary to produce enough heat to melt rock.”

Trevor Nace, Geologist

Now you probably won’t hear us at Sol Granite use terms like “igneous rock” or spout off numbers like “65 to 90%…feldspar” when you talk to us about countertops, but we sure do appreciate where this natural stone of granite comes from!

What Is Quartz?

We know you usually can’t talk about granite without talking about quartz as well.

Many questions arise around quartz, like what the difference is between quartz and granite and which one is better?

In short, quartz is a lot like the natural stone, granite, however, quartz is man-made. Let’s hear what our friend the geologist, Trevor Nace, says about quartz:

“…you will find that quartz countertops are actually man made and although they consist of 90% quartz, the rest of the countertop is composed of resins, polymers, and various types of pigments. This creates a very durable artificial rock without pores or cracks. The pigment is used to provide coloration that is naturally found in quartz arenite.”

Trevor Nace, Geologist

Now that you know the difference between quartz and granite, let’s look at 7 reasons to choose granite for your countertops.

Find out what the big deal is about granite countertops and why granite would be perfect for your kitchen and/or bathroom!

7 Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops

1. Granite Is Long-Lasting

Just like a good love story; granite’s in it for the long haul.

With proper installation and granite’s rock-hard nature, this countertop will most likely be your last (unless you feel a wild hair coming on for a remodel!).

Granite resists cracking, chipping and scratching and is also heat resistant. And don’t worry; a crack or chip – depending on the severity, of course — can be something that is easily fixable.

Although we don’t recommend direct heat from a hot pan, if it happens sporadically it shouldn’t damage like wood, laminate and other materials that don’t have the hard surface granite does.

2. Easy Maintenance

If your granite countertops are sealed properly – maintenance should be a breeze.

Granite countertops resist bacteria and most stains which makes for an easy cleaning process.

When cleaning, use soap and water or a designated cleaner for granite. And if juice is spilled, clean it up quickly to avoid stains.

By sealing your countertops, using the recommended cleaners and getting to spills swiftly, you’ll enjoy granite for the lifetime of your home!

3. Increases Home Value

We know granite looks gorgeous, but it also adds value to the investment of your home.

If you’re looking to sell your house, you’ll most likely see a major return on your investment.

And who are we kidding – if you’re selling a home with granite countertops – that can be just the difference needed for a potential buyer to choose your home.

4. Cost Effective for Long-Term Investment

Some might argue that granite is too expensive, but when you look at the big picture, choosing granite countertops are a cost-effective long-term investment.

Over the lifetime, laminate countertops will need to be replaced many times and wood countertops will require refinishing.

While those wood and laminate countertop owners are doing upkeep and replacing; granite owners will just be sealing and cleaning over the lifetime of a countertop.

5. Gorgeous Appearance

We’re pretty sure it didn’t take long for you to see the granite slabs and fall in love – all thanks to their unique and gorgeous appearance.

Granite’s unique qualities stand out like no other natural stone – especially when you have so many to choose from.

The beauty and texture that comes from granite will enhance any room in your house.

6. Color Options Are Endless

Sometimes the only “problem” you’ll have with countertops is choosing which slab of granite is right for you.

Endless color options and matching tiles can make picking out a slab of granite a more difficult choice.

Luckily, we have experienced and knowledgeable interior designers at Sol Granite to help take the overwhelm and frustration out of the equation for you!

7. Support Your Fellow Local Business

When you begin your countertop journey – consider shopping locally!

Do your research and don’t be afraid to go into each shop and discover their process. You might be surprised what a local business has to offer and how helpful they can be.

When you support local business, you’re supporting your community and those that live and work in it as well.  

Ok, you’ve officially done your countertop homework and now it’s time to make some decisions – to granite or not to granite?

We’ve learned that granite is an extremely hard, natural stone, while quartz is manmade, and each has its place in a home depending on preferences.

Why choose granite?

Well, granite usually lasts the lifetime of your home (which is a huge return on your investment), is low-maintenance, adds value to your home (especially when you’re looking to sell), has many color options and an obvious gorgeous appearance and by choosing to shop local for granite countertops, you’re giving back to your community!

If you’re still on the fence about your dream countertops, we’d love to help you by answering any of your questions.

Call or stop by our Sol Granite showroom in Pueblo, Colorado where any of our knowledgeable team members are ready to assist you in making your dream home a reality!

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