Have you ever wondered if you can have both beauty and durability when it comes to your countertops?

That’s a question that often comes to mind with marble and quartzite…can you have both?

Marble is known for its elegance and quartzite has made a name for itself with durability.

So, which one to choose?

Both marble and quartzite bring unique qualities to your home…let’s take a look at the differences and you can choose the right one for you!


Now, these rocks may have their differences, but they also have some similarities.

Both are non-foliated metamorphic rock (which basically translates to them not having a banded or layered appearance) and can have a similar look at first glance.

And that’s pretty much where the semblance ends.

However, look closer and you’ll see these differences…


There’s no doubt that marble’s beauty stands out.

This natural stone can be found in homes and even businesses where it can show off that rich, veiny exterior.

Marble is also known to be high maintenance due to its soft and porous nature, which is one of the largest differences when compared to quartzite.

It requires frequent sealing (4 times a year) and can chip over time (although
that can be an easy repair).

So, when you’re wondering if marble is the right choice for your home, take into consideration the maintenance that comes with it – especially if the countertop will be in a high-traffic area.


Now, quartzite can definitely shine like marble, but what sets this natural stone apart is its potential for durability.

Quartzite has a glossy, smooth appearance that can stand out in your kitchen. 

Although quartzite is known for its durability — there is some quartzite that is more durable than others and sealing is still required. 

If you love the look of quartzite and want added durability as well — we recommend you check with your natural stone experts (that’s us!) on which quartzite is the most durable. 

Do you understand marble and quartzite better now (without a full lesson on non-foliated metamorphic rock)?

These two countertop options stand out on their own and the only decision is which one is right for your home.

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