Do you like to debate?

Unless you’re a lawyer or loved being on the debate team in high school, our guess is you probably don’t enjoy a back-and-forth tussle of words.

However, there’s a hot topic in the home design area where you’ll find a lot of discussion and quandary amongst people…

And that’s the big countertop decision…quartz versus granite – which one to choose for your beautiful kitchen or bathroom countertop?


We know it can be stressful and overwhelming to design or remodel your home, so why add unnecessary strain, right? (Can we get an amen?!)

The decision can be an easy one to make if you know the unique qualities each of these countertops have.


Let’s walk through what each material (quartz and granite) brings to the table – appearance, cost, environmental components, maintenance, durability, and real estate value – and ultimately (armed with all this knowledge), you decide what suits your lifestyle and home the best!




In a nutshell, quartz is an engineered stone and granite is a natural stone.

So, what does this mean exactly?

Once you know and understand what granite and quartz are all about, you will be able to see the differences between the materials and decide which one works for you.


Granite — the natural stone — comes from stone quarries and is like a snowflake in its ability to be unique because no two granite slabs are the same.

So, if you want to stand out with your countertop – granite can definitely do that for you!

Because of granite’s natural stone and snowflake abilities, you may have to be patient in your search for the perfect countertop.


Quartz — the engineered stone — has an appearance that is more uniform and has customization capabilities. However, that doesn’t mean quartz doesn’t stand out. There are many pattern and color options to help you customize your design (especially if you know exactly what you’re looking for).




You won’t find laminate prices here, folks!

Quartz and granite are both premium, high-quality, long-lasting materials that are well worth the investment for your home.

The cost of granite can range from $55 — $85 per square foot and quartz can run from $65 – $85 per square foot.

Keep in mind prices can vary due to where the material is sourced, how it’s shipped, and tariffs.




Both quartz and granite are made from natural materials; granite is made 100 percent from stone and quartz is comprised of 90 percent or more of natural materials.


At one time, concern for radon in granite was circulating the media, however, you’re more likely to find more radon from your microwave versus granite countertops.




The maintenance for these countertops is pretty easy — mild soap and water usually do the trick when it comes to cleaning.

You’ll want to avoid harsh chemicals and clean up any spills (especially that red tomato sauce) immediately, so it doesn’t have a chance to stain or set in.


Granite will require your countertops to be sealed upon installation (thanks to their porous nature) and potentially resealed for the longevity of the granite.

Quartz does not require resealing (thanks to its solid surface).




Durability is definitely not an issue with quartz or granite, although some would argue quartz is pretty close to being indestructible because it lacks the porous nature that granite has.

Both can withstand varying amounts of heat and knives, but we don’t recommend testing their limits with these – you want to keep your quartz or granite countertops for a long time, right?!




Granite and quartz catch the eye of anyone — especially prospective buyers — when they see countertops made from these high-end materials.

Ceramic tile or laminate may need to be replaced several times over while quartz and granite can potentially last the lifetime of a home (with proper care).

Ok, there you go, you’ve officially heard both sides of the quartz versus granite story.

Do you have a verdict yet?

Are you in favor of granite’s unique style? Or does quartz speak to you when it comes to having a hand in your home design?


Whatever material you choose we’re confident it’ll bring just the right touch you are looking for in your home!

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