Do you want to make a statement with your kitchen? What about your kitchen countertops—are you open to thinking outside the box with them?


Oftentimes clients ask us, “Can I mix and match my kitchen countertops?” and the easy answer is yes!


What gets tricky is how best to pair the contrasting countertops.


If you want to show off your kitchen and are open to mixing countertop materials and colors—let’s talk about the best tips to help you mix and match kitchen countertops.


When it comes to home design ideas and creative expression with contrasting countertops—go wild!

You can be as bold as you want, or as simple as you want, especially if you keep these tips and considerations in mind.





Do you love to entertain?

Have young or active kids?

Know a household member that has a tendency to spill drinks easily (not naming names!)?


All of this matters when choosing a countertop material.


Marble and butcher block requires more maintenance than quartz, granite, or even soapstone—especially in high food prep areas.


Choose a countertop material that’ll fit your lifestyle and leave the wine spill to a non-porous countertop and a swipe of the towel.




An important step with mix and match countertop material is to know what you’re working with and how that will look in your home.


For example, laminate (although it’s made huge strides over the years), and granite would clash as an aesthetic.


Where two different granite colors could complement each other and you could even go completely opposite and mix quartz and granite.


Know the surface and maintenance of each countertop material so you understand exactly how to clean and maintain the countertop.




The kitchen island is typically a focal point—so use that to its advantage!


You can choose bold designs, colors, and veining to stand out.


Another option is to choose a unique countertop edge option (like rounded, bullnose, beveled, ogee, or chiseled), or waterfall (countertop flows over the sides and reaches to the floor) for an elegant and seamless look.


Waterfall Countertop




It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many options and full creative expression of your home design.

Here are some easy ways to bring it all together—


  • Combine light and dark.

Example: dark-colored kitchen island, light perimeter countertop, and cabinets.


  • You can use the same countertop material like granite.

Example: for granite, contrast with light and dark colors and patterns.

You can choose a black granite countertop like Silver Cloud Dark for the statement piece island and contrast it with a white granite perimeter countertop like Classical White.


  • Don’t be afraid to keep it simple.

Example: Stay within a color family. If you love grey tones choose lighter and darker shades of grey for each countertop.


  • Experiment. 

Example: Bring home and test all the samples before you make the big purchase. No need to rush; let the colors and patterns sit in your kitchen as you experiment!



If you want to create a kitchen that’s outside the box, consider how to mix and match countertops—and start experimenting.


Don’t forget to have fun along the way and most importantly: design a kitchen you can’t wait to come home to!



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