Have you fallen in love with the wood-type butcher block countertop yet?

Millions have flocked to this countertop material which presents a warm, earthy, farmhouse feel—that won’t break the bank.


It doesn’t hurt, either, if you’re a culinary aficionado because it can actually be used as a cutting surface.


And no, it won’t dull your knife like other natural stone countertops.

If you’re considering butcher block countertops—or inherited them from a move—we have pros and cons to help you understand what this surface is all about.


Butcher block is a hardwood that’s bonded together—with a food-safe adhesive—to make strips of true butcher block.

Due to durability, low cost, and clear grain—maple—is the most common and popular wood used for butcher block.

Rich colors are also an option with red oak and cherry wood.


For all bamboo enthusiasts, butcher block can also be constructed from this material. Moso, a type of bamboo, is most commonly used.

Now, while your environmentally friendly heart may be full of love for this countertop right now, please consider the pros and cons we’re about to discuss—before you run out the door in search of butcher block countertops!

There’s much to consider if this is right for your home and lifestyle.




At $214 – $450 per piece (with self-installation/DIY and each kitchen requiring differing amounts and sizes of pieces), this price is significantly lower than most other countertops. 

Self-installation can be a fun option for saving money and a weekend project that won’t take up too much of your time. 

Just remember you need the proper tools to install butcher block, so if you’re a novice handyman/woman, don’t be afraid to ask for help (or tools!).


From your choice of wood to the grain type, you have more options with butcher block than you think. 

Cherry wood and red oak can give a rich color while maple and bamboo have a classic look.

Other options include the choice between wood grain: edge grain and end grain. 

Edge grain offers lean stripes that are long in appearance, where end grain has a short, checkerboard look.


This pro can also be a con if you don’t maintain your butcher block countertops.

Unlike natural stone like granite or quartz, you can use this is as your cutting board. 

However, in order to care and maintain it you must:

  • Keep surface as dry as possible
  • Wipe spills quickly with mild soap and warm water
  • Use heat protectors like potholders and trivets
  • As scratches and stains appear over time, sand and re-oil, or reseal it to bring it back to life





Although you can chop all you want, these countertops aren’t nearly as “hard” as others like marble, quartz, and granite.  

Butcher block is sensitive to heat, scratches, and liquid.

Heat can leave a mark if left too long, a dropped glass or dish can make a scratch or dent, and wine—or any dark-colored liquid—can potentially stain.


If you have young children or are accident-prone it’s best to seriously question if this countertop is right for your home.

The good news is if you do encounter any of these hiccups, you don’t need to chuck your butcher block out the window!  

You can restore them and buff out any imperfections with fine sandpaper and finishing oil (make sure to get recommendations from your supplier on the proper oil and conditioner to use).


Whether Butcher Block is a trend, or here to stay, it’s important to know if this countertop is right for your home and lifestyle. 

If a warm, farmhouse feel is the vibe you’re going for—and you have the ability to care and maintain it—then say hello to butcher block!


At Sol Granite, we partner with VT CenterPointe Butcher Block where sustainability is a key factor, and we offer DIY kits with Hevea and Acacia woods.  

We invite you to stop by our showroom and see our Butcher Block and find out if this is the countertop you’re looking for.


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