How does decorating for the holidays make you feel? 

If this is your favorite time of the year—congratulations! We think that’s pretty special.

Since we know not everyone feels that way—and this isn’t a time of the year you revel in—we get that, too. Holidays can be a challenge.


Thankfully, sometimes all it takes is a good idea (or two, or three…or eight) to get in the holly-jolly spirit to turn your home into something you love and want to show off.


We made a list of eight holiday home décor ideas that may just spark your spunk and help you create something extra special for this time of the year.



DIY décor can add uniqueness to the home as well as provide a wide array of options that span from quick and easy, to elaborate and flashy.


Whichever way you decide to go, there’s a DIY for everyone that’ll imbue the holiday spirit into the walls of your cozy home.


A tip to remember: DIY doesn’t always mean you need to whip out the hot glue gun and Popsicle sticks.

It can also be a clever repurposing of household items, such as using old photo-frames to hold Christmas cards or using your TV as a digital fireplace.




A narrow color scheme seems counter-intuitive to the usual holiday décor but plays out just as well, if not better.


Limiting your color scheme to a couple of colors such as red and white or blue and white or even red, green, and white can create a unique and memorable environment to enjoy.




Red and greed plaid blankets, towels, clothes, bows, and accessories can accent well with almost all holiday themes, even if you’re using a narrow color pallet as mentioned earlier.


Plaid has this mystical ability to tie together a room really well.


The best part is plaid is available year-round and doesn’t require you to brave the decked halls of décor shoppers for seasonal items like garland and wreaths.




Garland is highly adaptable and can easily bring the holiday season into any room.


Garland can go anywhere your heart desires such as the pantry door, coat closet, around the coat rack, kitchen island, and even the bathroom mirror.


Garland isn’t limited to pine either; with some simple string, you could make a Christmas card garland or one out of old stockings.


The many ways to make garland unique are countless.




Not all holiday décor requires glitz and glamour.

Try fresh, earthy tones that provide a hint of the holidays.


Hang a fresh pine branch on the wall in the bathroom or a mason jar with pine twigs and packaging twine tied in a nice bow—this can add seasonal beauty and that crisp nature smell to a room.




If you’re looking for a subtle, yet earthy, holiday décor—pinecones may be just what you need.

You can use them as a simple “garnish” to add to other items like a garland.

Or you can use them as a stand-alone.


Place a bunch of pinecones in a dish for decoration or place them in a bowl and use essential oils for that perfect holiday aroma.




Holly is one of the most recognizable holiday symbols and incorporating this into your décor can be fun and easy.


Three small bowls of bright red cranberries set atop a green leaf-shaped felt are one of many ways to use holly for the holiday.




Add a hint of a winter theme to your home to complement the more obvious holiday décor.


Color pallets that include blue hues, pure whites, and off-whites can easily be incorporated.

Something as simple as adding white paint or snow-spray to tips of pinecones can add that winter flair you’re looking for.



Ready to spread holiday cheer in your home now?

Keep in mind, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to decorating your home. Do what works best for you and your home and leave the rest to a warm, cozy cup of apple cider.

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