Do you want to decorate your home for the holiday, but don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’re on a tight budget?


Don’t worry, we have holiday decoration tips for you – that are not only fun, but really beautiful, easy, and kind to the budget!


Let’s start our adventure…


First, let’s decide what areas you want to decorate.

This could be a –

• Fireplace mantle

• Wall caps

• Bookshelves

• And of course, the Christmas tree



Now, let’s go exploring…

(And what does that mean, exactly?)

I (that’s me, Dai) love to go to the local park and look for large amounts of pinecones, twigs, branches and dried leaves.

Next, you’ll find me at my local craft store.


This is where I load up on my supplies like –

• Spray glue

• White craft spray paint

• Twine

• Red ribbon

• Tube of colored glitter

• Don’t forget your greenery




Once I’m home with all of my newly found and purchased treasures, I begin the fun part of creating.


  • I lightly spray the greenery with the glue and sprinkle it with glitter for the Christmas sparkle and then lay out the greenery on the fireplace mantle etc.


  • Then I take the twigs and cut them into 3” to 4” pieces and tie them up in bundles with the twine and red ribbon.


  • I take some of the pinecones and spray them with the glue and quickly roll them in the glitter and set them aside to dry.


  • I spray the leaves with the white spray paint for the snow-covered look.


When all the pieces are dry, I begin assembling.   


  • I lay regular pinecones and glittery pinecones throughout the greenery and add ribbon and white leaves.


  • I tie ribbons to the pinecones and hang them on the tree along with bundles of twigs.


  • I add bouquets of leaves tied with ribbon and to top it off, make bows with the red ribbon and add to the tree.


And just like that, you make holiday decorations fun, beautiful, easy and on budget!


It’s truly amazing the beauty that can be made with just the simplest of treasures and the satisfaction that comes with having created something special.


Get out and explore and find your own treasures and create a one-of-a-kind beauty this holiday season!

Meet Dai & Mary Ann!

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Dai brings 15+ years of interior decorating experience — her specialty is taking what you already have and making the old look new again with new drapes, rugs, etc. Dai can start from scratch with you, or work with a budget using the existing treasure you already have! 

Mary Ann has 20+ years of residential and commercial interior design experience, including home renovations and staging for resale. And you’ve probably never met someone quicker to answer a phone than Mary Ann!

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