The holidays are officially over, decorations have been stashed away for another year and you’ve picked up all the confetti off the floor from your New Year’s celebration. (Hello, 2020!)

And perhaps you’re wondering, “now what?”.


Winter months can be dreary and drab with the lack of sunshine and those cold nights.

For me, I want the inside of my home to be anything but that.

Here are a few of my favorite tips to help add winter flair to your home!


Coming off the holidays I wanted to keep this home décor project quick and easy. (3 simple steps are all it takes.)


Something that wouldn’t take a lot of time but would definitely help me feel creative and happy when I see it.



I decided to add a pop of color to the inside of my glass door dish cabinet.


Let’s adventure together and I’ll walk you through my simple 3-step process…



#1 – Time to Find Contact Paper

I went on a trip to my local hardware store and found contact paper.


Pick whatever one you want – especially if it will make you smile when you look at it. That’s where creativity meets happy.


You can go with seasonal contact paper or one that you’re absolutely in love with right now.


And don’t worry, changing your mind in the decoration process is part of the fun (or is it?!).



#2 – Empty Cabinet

After I found my contact paper, I went home and emptied my dish cabinet.


(Pro tip: this is a perfect time to clean, rearrange and get rid of anything you don’t want anymore in your cabinet; clean cabinet and pop of color equals a peaceful heart in my book.)


With the empty cabinet clean, I removed the shelves and peeled the backing off the contact paper and adhered it to the cabinet backing.


It was easy, took only a few minutes and wah-la instant color!



#3 – Pop of Color Cabinet

With my contact paper shining and my heart smiling, I put the shelf back, arranged my favorite dishes, and felt like I added some winter flair to my home.


Fun and colorful and I love it!



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Mary Ann has 20+ years of residential and commercial interior design experience, including home renovations and staging for resale. And you’ve probably never met someone quicker to answer a phone than Mary Ann!

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