Do you dream of white countertops—specifically quartz ones—but don’t know if it’s practical for your lifestyle?


Quartz countertops are popular because they’re resistant to stains, waterproof, and easy to maintain due to their non-porous nature.


But that doesn’t mean they’re a shoo-in for your home—especially when you’re looking at a color that can potentially show everything.


To help you decide, we have three things to consider when it comes to white quartz countertops.



Who would’ve thought there would be so many decisions when it comes to choosing the perfect white countertop for your home?

Because quartz countertops are man-made engineered stone, you’ll notice the options can be endless.

And endless options can bring overwhelm when it comes to making a choice.

One of the best solutions is to gather all the quartz samples and play with them in your home.

What you see in-store may look completely different once at home and vice versa.

Lighting, cabinet, and kitchen color can all affect how the countertop actually looks.

You can narrow down your top three choices and really hone in from there.

This will also be helpful if you want to mix and match white countertops with different color cabinets, backsplash, or even flooring.


Are you going for a full white kitchen (countertop, cabinets, backsplash, and all the fixin’s)?

Or do you want just white countertops with other hints of color rolling around?

Whatever color scheme you decide on, it will be best to experiment with samples before you purchase.

The specific lighting your home offers, potential contrast, and interior design style (modern, chic, formal, etc.) are all a factor when considering white quartz countertops.


A bonus tip on color scheme: don’t rush it! This is your house and will be in it for a good amount of time, so make it worth your while.

Linger on a decision if you have to. Let it permeate your bones for a minute. If it doesn’t click for you right away, keep trying and give it time.



Ahhh—quartz countertops—you’re not only beautiful, but you’re also tough as nails, too!

So, is it only the color of the countertop you’re going for, or the care and maintenance of them as well?

When it comes to quartz countertops, they’re one of the most durable countertop materials on the market today.

If you can follow these simple rules—especially with the color white—then quartz will be your lifelong friend:

  • Clean with a soft cloth (microfiber works) and mild dish soap. Harsh abrasives or cleaners (like bleach) can damage the surface.
  • Use a degreaser for grease and always read the cleaning supply labels to make sure it’s safe to use on quartz.
  • For dried spills keep a putty knife handy.
  • Technically, yes, quartz can withstand some chopping and dicing, but we don’t recommend it. Knives will become dull—and over time—so will your quartz.
  • Avoid extreme heat; use mats and trivets with skillets, hot pans, and crockpots. This is really important for white countertops!
  • Keep quartz indoors—it’s not made for an outdoor kitchen (due to its low heat tolerance).


White countertops are a gorgeous concept that takes a bit of grit to find out if they’re practical for your home and lifestyle.

Unlike heat, incorporating samples will be your best friend through this process, as well as time and patience…because a kitchen you love to live in is worth the journey!



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