Or, you’re pondering if quartz is the right countertop for you and what cleaning and maintenance are required for this investment.

Whatever category you fall in (heck, maybe you’re still contemplating quartz vs. granite) we have some tips to help you care for your quartz countertops and find out what it really entails if you choose to purchase this engineered stone.


If you know your quartz, then you know it’s pretty tough which makes it highly

It can resist most stains, heat and even mildew, mold and bacteria.

And unlike granite, it doesn’t need to be sealed – thanks to its non-porous nature.

However, this doesn’t mean quartz doesn’t require some much-needed attention from time to time.

When it comes to care for quartz countertops, we’re going to break down the daily cleaning and maintenance that’s required, what to do when stains pop up on your gorgeous countertops (and your heart skips a beat), and finally how to prevent damage.


The daily care for quartz countertops is the easy part because they don’t require much.

They’re actually pretty low maintenance. And here are some best tips to keep it that way.

1. Clean With a Soft Cloth (Microfiber Works) and Mild Dish Soap

Wipe countertops as needed throughout the day with a mixture of warm water and dish soap (and a soft cloth for wiping).

Clean spills quickly; don’t let them linger on your counter.

2. Use A Degreaser for Grease (That’s Quartz Friendly)

This is where reading labels can come in handy. Whatever degreaser you choose,
please note if it’s safe to use on quartz.

A good rule of thumb for quartz: always read cleaning supply labels.

For degreasing, spray the degreaser on the countertop and rinse with a wet cloth or
non-abrasive sponge.


We know life happens and a spill dries up, or you notice a stain (even though you’re super diligent about your countertop care).

Thankfully, there’s a solution to life’s little messes.

1. Keep A Putty Knife Handy for Dried Spills

Dried dirt or food? Use a putty knife to gently scrape the buildup.

Keep this putty knife handy to use on paint, food, nail polish, dirt, and even gum.

2. Surface Cleaner for Stains (And Goo Gone® for the big win)

Do some research (or speak with your local quartz company) to find out which surface cleaner is best for your quartz countertop.

And when life gets extra messy – bring in the Goo Gone®! This product can help with stains, especially those unexpected ones (hi there, permanent marker).


1. Do NOT Use Harsh Abrasives or Cleaners

Extreme alkaline or acidic solutions such as drain and oven cleaners, nail polish,
turpentine and bleach can damage the surface.

Read those labels; make sure what you’re using is quartz friendly and leave the harsh
stuff behind.

2. Avoid Extreme Heat

While quartz can withstand some heat, for the longevity of your countertop, it’s best
practice not to test those limits.

Sudden or extreme temperature change or exposure to heat that’s prolonged (like a hot pan sitting on the counter) may cause quartz to crack.

When it comes to heat, the best scenario is to give your skillets, hot pans, and crock pots a place to sit on mats and trivets.

3. Whip Out the Cutting Board

Yes, quartz is durable. No, quartz does NOT like you chopping and dicing and slicing on it.

The first thing to remember, your knives will most likely become dull if you do this. Second, quartz is scratch resistant, but not completely immune to scratching.

We recommend using your cutting boards anytime you’re using knives.

4. Keep Quartz Indoors

Thinking about quartz in an outdoor kitchen (oh, the BBQs and entertaining that can happen!)?

Think again.

Quartz is best utilized indoors. Splitting, warping, and fading can all occur when
quartz is in direct sunlight every day.

So, how do you feel?

We hope you feel confident to make the best countertop decision to fit your lifestyle!

Quartz is a stunning engineered stone and can remain that way with the proper care, maintenance (and a little putty knife!).

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