Are you the type of person who can visualize a blank space–like what art will go on what wall and where the furniture will go?

Or are you the type of person who can’t visualize much in an empty room and Pinterest is your best friend?

Whether you can make everything come to life in your head, or you need the Internet gurus, we have a beginner’s guide to interior design for anyone that needs a little extra help.




Here’s a little fun fact: an interior decorator and interior designer are two different professions even though they’re often used in the same context.

Interior designers have formal training that includes structural and furniture design as well as space planning.

Interior decorators don’t have formal training and focus more on the aesthetic of an area. 




What style do you fancy—farmhouse, contemporary, formal?

When you know what look you desire for your home, you can niche it down with specific styles like Tuscan, shabby chic, or mid-century modern.

It’s important to get comfortable with different styles, especially if you’ve never played with them before.

You may think a farmhouse sliding door is adorable but is it functional for your everyday life? 

Consider what style you love and how it will fit into your actual lifestyle.


Color and Patterns  

The color palette and patterns you choose are a large part of interior design and bringing a room together.

Some thoughts to consider… 

Do you want a different color and style for each room?

Or stay consistent throughout the house?

What is the size and scale of each room?

How will you coordinate colors and patterns?

(Keep in mind, patterns can be whatever you want them to be, they only need to complement each other.)



What is the focal point for each room?

The living room is typically one of the largest rooms and can hold art and a fireplace well. 

Try not to over-focus a room though! When you use too many focal points it can start to feel like the walls are overpowering.



Know Where to Splurge 

Whatever your budget is, consider the pieces that are worth a splurge and ones that are easy on the wallet.

Splurge items include couches and beds, where accent tables, accessories, and rugs can be more budget-friendly.


Give Space Where Appropriate  

Furniture doesn’t have to go against the wall. 

When you pull a couch out a couple of inches (or more) this can give space and allow for better energy flow throughout the room.

Play around with your furniture pieces and see how it feels!


Make It Your Own (Not A Stock Image Presentation)

If Pinterest gives you interior design inspiration, go with it.

Just remember those pictures are highly curated. Let them spark your inspiration, but feel open to make your home as unique as you and not what every stock image on the Internet shows.


Remember this interior design project can take time, so be patient with the process. Each room in your home is a blank canvas—make it match your aesthetic and lifestyle!  


Have any questions?

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