Do you feel like spring didn’t even happen? 

Like it was winter and then–boom–it’s almost 100 degrees outside and you find yourself on the hunt for sunscreen, patio furniture and a quick cool down. 

We feel you. And may or may not have inserted our head in the freezer a couple of times. 

The good news is it’s not too late to get your home summer-ready and we have quick tips to help you do just that. 


All you’ll need for these is your best sunscreen and probably some killer tunes to keep you motivated!




If you haven’t taken the time to clean your garden yet, now is your chance. 

Redefine bed edges, pull those weeds out of there, and get your soil ready.

Whether you’re a beginner at this, or you have the best garden on the block–a clean garden is a beautiful place to start.


And if you’re really feeling fancy (or don’t have the best green thumb), hang a plant or two outside and feel very accomplished with yourself. 




You can smell the burgers on the grill already, can’t you? Nothing says summer quite like a BBQ.

It’s time to clean the patio and bust out the power-washer (if you have one; if not it’ll be a perfect workout session). 

• Clear any debris from walkways and pressure-wash for the deepest clean 

• Fix broken bricks or concrete that could be dangerous (nothing ruins a backyard BBQ faster than a trip over a busted brick!)

• Dust off your grill cover and check it out for any maintenance before you start it up (another party buster: a grill that doesn’t work!).

• Don’t forget light fixtures. Those outdoor lights probably have as many bugs and dirt on them equal to a kindergarten class on a field trip to the park. Wipe the fixtures down carefully, or if they can withstand the hose, go for it.

And then sit back and watch the lights twinkle at night on your very clean patio.  




If you did take advantage of spring cleaning than you might have a leg up on this one, but if you haven’t, now’s a perfect time to make your windows sparkle. 


It doesn’t have to be sunny out to wash them either.

The sun can dry your washing solution which may leave streaks, so a not-so-sunny day works best for this task. 


If you love to entertain guests be ready with your favorite dishware, napkins, utensils, etc. and buy extra food to have around for any spontaneous BBQ get-togethers.

The weather is on your side in the summer, so be prepared to take advantage of color-fueled sunsets, birds chirping, and a cold drink with your favorite people–at any time.



We hope these quick and kind-of easy tips help you get your home summer-ready. 

And while you can, sit back and enjoy the summer months (even if you’re staring at a dirty light fixture), they come and go too quickly. 




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