What is a home without lighting?


It illuminates the very place where we live and where we spend a great amount of time living our life.


The daily acts of coming and going; the moments we share with the people we live with – to the times spent with friends and family – lighting is always there.


And because lighting is always there, we thought why not offer lighting options that are not just functional, but beautiful as well.


Something that makes a statement in your home.


We introduced lighting before when Dai & Mary Ann gave their best lighting tips.


And we also mentioned what a labor of love it was for Juan and his crew to intricately place and hang the lighting (you have to see the showroom – pictures do no justice to their work!).


We’re delighted to say Sol Granite now offers lighting for your home!


You’ll find lines from Parsons Studio, Elyton, Overland Park, Keeley Calle and more. We also carry outdoor lighting featuring Trescott and Irvington Manor and several lines of ceiling fans.


You can definitely say we’re lighting things up at Sol Granite!



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