Are you ready for Spring? 

The days feel longer with the sun going down later and spring break is marked on the calendar.

What about your home — is the smell of winter, cinnamon, and white fir still lingering?

Or are you ready for the Spring smell of lilacs and fresh-cut flowers?

If your house needs a seasonal refresh, we have 5 tips to help your home smell like spring. 




If you love how you feel after you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home, it’s time to get that clean-feeling again.

Dust out those cobwebs and question what is useful in your home (and if it’s time to donate those items). 

A good spring cleaning isn’t just about getting in the nooks and crannies — it can also be about decluttering and being intentional about what you bring into the next season. 




You’ve hunkered down and stayed warm for the winter and before the trees officially bloom again, we forget to open the windows and let that warm air in. 

Not only does the fresh air help stagnant air move around, but you’ll also get that true fresh air smell with just the opening of a window. 




Want a beautiful home and clean air? Make indoor plants a part of your decor and purify the air. 

Low-maintenance plants like Boston Fern, Orchid and Peace Lily are perfect additions for your Spring home!


Have you caught the essential oil fever yet?

If you love the clean smell of your favorite scents diffusing essential oils in your home could be just the addition you need.

Citrus oils like lemon, lime, lemongrass, grapefruit, and wild orange can leave that just-cleaned-the-house smell without having to clean all day.



(One of Dai’s favorite tips!) With Spring just around the corner, I find myself wanting to change out the scented candles I have sitting throughout the house.

I always have a candle going and the smells are wonderful. The Winter Wonderland, Pine or Vanilla Cookie were great during the very cold wintery months but I find myself ready for a new fresh scent.  Bath & Body Works “The Perfect Spring” is delightful as is “Day Dream” or “Fresh Cut Lilacs”. I decided to try them all and was not disappointed.

We may experience one more winter storm before Spring officially arrives but my house will smell of Spring — give it a try! 



What tip will you put on your Spring to-do list? 

Cheers to a new, fresh season!  




Meet Dai & Mary Ann!

Sales Manager / Interior Designer

Dai and Mary Ann are integral team members of Sol Granite!

Dai brings 15+ years of interior decorating experience — her specialty is taking what you already have and making the old look new again with new drapes, rugs, etc. Dai can start from scratch with you, or work with a budget using the existing treasure you already have! 

Mary Ann has 20+ years of residential and commercial interior design experience, including home renovations and staging for resale. And you’ve probably never met someone quicker to answer a phone than Mary Ann!

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