Ah, tile. It really can make or break a room—especially when the function and location aren’t taken into consideration.


Does this scene sound familiar?

You fall in love with a gorgeous piece of tile and the next thing you know it’s weaved throughout your home.


Months later you begin to question why you didn’t think of the purpose this tile was meant for (like using marble in a high traffic area).


Before you start a tile project or are about to demo your kitchen floor because you just can’t stand it anymore—let us give you practical tips on how to choose the right tile for your home.


When it comes to tile—or really anything that adds style and purpose to your home—it’s best to start with some basic questions.


These questions will not only spark inspiration but guide you to utilize the best—most practical—materials possible for your home.



Here’s the good news: you can use whatever tile you want in your home!

Here’s the catch: only if you understand what purpose the tile will be used for.


If you can’t shake a gorgeous piece of tile and you HAVE to have it—go for it!


Just know it may need to be in a place where it can only be looked at, kind of like an art museum. (Hand-painted tile we’re looking at you here.)


The best tile is functional and long-lasting tile.


Take ceramic for example. It catches the eye, is durable and resistant to flames, doesn’t absorb nasty odors, and handles extreme temperatures like a champ.


Ceramic—along with porcelain—are perfect choices for high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom, and definitely wouldn’t need their own place in your home art gallery.




Location. Location. Location.

Oh, how we’ve heard that saying a million times.

And yet, it’s one of the biggest and best questions to consider for tile.


After you know where the tile will be placed (kitchen, bathroom, entryway, outdoors, a combination) next it’s time to find out what type of tile works best for each location.


It’s best to consider glass, porcelain, luxury vinyl tile, and ceramic for high-moisture areas like the bathroom and kitchen.


When it comes to floors, think tough and durable materials like porcelain (which can also be used outdoors along with natural stone like granite for outdoor countertops).


Trust us, just because a piece of tile looks beautiful (and you want it so, so bad!) doesn’t mean it will be functional for every area in your home.




Sometimes the biggest question we have to ask when it comes to a home design project is: what can I afford?

(Not the most fun question, we know!).


Not including installation, tile prices can range anywhere from as low as $2 to upwards of $30 or more per square foot.


Once you know the square footage for your project and how much money you have to work with, you can land on the tile option(s) that are within your budget and begin your fun home design adventure!



Tile can be so unique and offer anywhere from a hint to a massive infusion of distinction and style to your home.


Before you start a tile project keep these 3 questions in mind (purpose, location, and budget) so you can choose the right tile for your home—even if you want to hang hand-painted tile on your wall!


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