What happens when your kitchen has hints of pink in the cabinets, countertop, and floor—that just aren’t supposed to be there naturally (and you’re not really a pink kinda gal)?

You remodel it…over time that is!

Now, some of us learn to call our house a home one room at a time and that truly was the case with my kitchen.


When you start with whitewashed cabinets that eventually turned pink and laminate countertops that are—again—pink, and a floor that’s a mixture of gray, green—and you guessed it, pink—you know, in time, you have some work to do.


With a handy husband that’s a remodeler and my eye for interior design, you could say we always have a project or two going on.

Our kitchen remodel collaboration has definitely been a year (or more) in the making—with more to come!


So, we invite you to sit back, enjoy our fun little kitchen remodel, and know that you and your partner can indeed work on a home project together and still be together when it’s all done (added gray hairs may or may not be a side effect!).

(And what I really wanted to name this blog was, “Really big man in itty bitty space” because every time I saw my tall husband in a corner with his back against the ceiling, I couldn’t help but laugh!)


Between the tear-out of the backsplash and floor, our project took off and we weren’t looking back (or at least not looking at my kitchen due to all of the mess).

(If that doesn’t motivate you to keep going, I don’t know what will.)



For our backsplash, we used Crossville Studios CHICAGO (“Southside” color) Brick Tile.

What I thought was really cool about this particular brick tile was the uniqueness Crossville used by incorporating a sporadic tile with “CHICAGO” on it.


And instead of stopping the backsplash where the cabinets start, we kept on going up, up and away. So much so that we covered most of our kitchen and dining room wall with this brick tile.


Now, for the floor tile, we used Daltile and went with their Affinity tile in Cream (18×18).


We also had some fun with the entryway and got creative placing the tile in a different direction than the floor and made that area pop and catch your eye!


We didn’t just stop at the backsplash and floor tile for our remodel.

Some other fun remodel touches added—

  • Crown molding added to the top and the bottom of certain areas
  • We used under-the-counter lighting
  • Moved appliances like the microwave around and even upgraded to match some appliances
  • We’ve had the granite countertops (Impala Black, if you’re interested), but the color really brought the kitchen together when it was all said and done
  • Fun fact: my husband, John VanderPutten (“Really Big Man In Itty Bitty Space”), made the cabinets you see!
  • And for the love…did you see my coffee bar?! My coffee heart is swooning!

I sure hope you enjoyed our little kitchen remodel adventure!

Just remember –

  • A remodel will probably take longer than you think it will
  • You’ll change your mind again and again and again
  • Most of all—HAVE FUN! If you don’t try and make the most of it, why even do it?


PS–I don’t keep my husband ALL to myself! If you’re looking for Kitchen and Bath Renovations (cabinets, tile, carpentry, paint, etc.) please give him a call.

John VanderPutten | Precision Interiors | 719-250-0288


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