What is better than an indoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen, of course!

That is, if you love to grill your favorite food, drink cold, summer beverages and watch the sunset fade away (along with your worries!).

An outdoor kitchen can be a beautiful addition to your home, especially if you love to entertain, or just simply spend more time outside soaking up the warm weather.


If this sounds like a dream, but you’re left with questions—like how to care for outdoor countertops—we have those answers for you and more!


You have your heart set on an outdoor kitchen (and let’s be real, all the fun you can have with it; cue the Margarita Mondays, please).


So, what is the best outdoor countertop that can withstand weather and kids and a party or two that will have people begging you to have another one?


Granite countertops are one of the best options for your outdoor kitchen.


Why? That’s easy: Granite countertops are gorgeous and come in a never-ending selection of beautiful natural stone and they’re highly durable. (Pretty good combo, right?)


You definitely have other options when it comes to outdoor countertops like tile, other stone, and concrete, but they’ll most likely crack and fade, unlike granite which should outlast most other options, if you take proper care of it.


Even though granite is one of your best options for an outdoor kitchen, it’s not completely indestructible.


Let’s talk about some best practices & care for your outdoor countertops:



In the heat, shade (whether that’s natural shade or a cover) is helpful for keeping the integrity of your countertops. 

In the colder months, a cover will shield from inclement weather like wind, water, ice, and snow.

You should be able to enjoy your granite countertops for years, but weather can lessen that time if there’s not a barrier to protect it.


  • SEAL ‘EM

Although not absolutely crucial, sealing your countertops can boost the life of your countertops.

Think of sealing as an extra layer of protection between you and your granite countertops.

Some are pre-sealed, but if that isn’t the case for you, sealing them can be just as easy with the proper sealant and direction from your local Sol Granite countertop specialists!



You can literally hose them down if you prefer, or a simple soap and water cleaning will do the trick, too.

A spill—like wine or mustard—if left, can bake in the sun and will make it more difficult for you to remove over time.



Care for your outdoor countertops should not be high maintenance (we’ll leave that to difficult recipes where it’s hard to pronounce the ingredients. Yikes!).


With a little extra attention on a cover and no 80s rock band concerts on your patio, you should be able to enjoy the ambiance of the tranquil outdoors from your very own backyard.


And that’s not too much to wish for, is it? Nah, didn’t think so.



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