If you’ve ever been in our showroom and wondered if there was the perfect light fixture to go with your countertops – we’ve officially answered your question.


Sol Granite now offers LIGHTING for your home!


And not just lighting you can pick out from a magazine — our showroom is LIT UP!


It’s taken Juan and the crew many late nights, flexing those muscles and breaking a sweat (or two) to get these unique and gorgeous lighting fixtures up.


We have proudly partnered with George Kovacs and Minka Lavery lighting – where you can see the quality and workmanship of each fixture.


And since we’re talking about lighting and the beauty that these fixtures can bring to any home – Dai and Mary Ann bring you their best lighting tips…

Dai & Mary Ann’s Best Lighting Tips 



Map out the rooms where you want your lighting and think of what activities will happen in those rooms.


Eating and dining?


Lounge area?



Take into account the size and any boundaries you have for a room.


It’s much easier to plan ahead then go without any consideration of what you’ll be working with.




If you love Pinterest as we do, create a lighting board and try to pin everything that inspires you and then let us help you from there!


Bring in your Pinterest lighting board – or any other photos you may have of furnishings you have or want to acquire and color schemes as these pieces all work together – and lets us help you tie it into your home design.


Pictures are a perfect way to see what your tastes are, so we can help you bring your vision to life.





Textures, metal, color, and styles can totally mix together – it just takes the right eye and pieces to make it look just right (don’t fret, that’s why we’re here).


Lighting can accentuate the shape and size of a room, especially when you’re aiming for a cozy feel.


As we said, we’re here for you every step of the way.





It’s easy to forget that shadows can be a problem when it comes to where to place a light.


Bathroom and kitchen lighting are notorious for shadows.


In bathrooms – a horizontal fixture can help cast shadows away. In kitchens – consider where you’ll be doing most of the prep work and utilize task lighting for those areas.






Each room has a mood you’re going for – allow your lighting to help enhance that mood.


Whether it be accent lighting for a dramatic touch, ambient lighting for general areas or task lighting for workstations and reading, consider what mood you’re going for and incorporate that into your lighting plan.




 We hope you enjoyed these simple tips on lighting for your home.


We invite you to stop by our showroom to see these beauties in person (pictures do no justice) and pick one out for your home design project!


And an extra special, big THANKS to the entire Sol Granite Team for making this Lighting Project come together.


PS – (New to Sol Granite!) We now carry Uttermost Designer Rugs, Builder Tile Lines from Crossville, Interceramic & MSI (check out the handy tool on our website where you can place products in your home and see what it would look like!).

Meet Dai & Mary Ann!

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Dai and Mary Ann are integral team members of Sol Granite!

Dai brings 15+ years of interior decorating experience — her specialty is taking what you already have and making the old look new again with new drapes, rugs, etc. Dai can start from scratch with you, or work with a budget using the existing treasure you already have! 

Mary Ann has 20+ years of residential and commercial interior design experience, including home renovations and staging for resale. And you’ve probably never met someone quicker to answer a phone than Mary Ann!

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