Want to know what the biggest feedback we get from customers is?


The customer service they receive from our staff.


We hear often what an excellent experience someone had because of the knowledge that was passed on, or the kindness that was extended, or the follow-through that was there – and beyond – from start to finish.


And none of this could happen without the entire Sol Granite Team!


So, in honor of teamwork, stellar customer service and loving what you do – we introduce you to our Sol Granite Team Members.


First up is KaCie…

She takes us on her journey and adventure as “Little” KaCie, “Grown-Up” KaCie and spills the beans on what she loves about her customers and co-workers!


Little Me: I’m that little girl who always picked up rocks, put them in my pocket and brought them home for my Grammy to find in the laundry.

I never let my parents pass a rock and gem store without stopping in to check all the rocks out.


The Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine was one of my favorite stops; I still love going there with my kids every few years.

Grown-Up Me: I love nature and the fact that all of our beautiful slabs come from the Earth.

I’m fascinated with how the slabs are mined, then fabricated by our amazing staff to become a piece of art for your home.


I’m the type of person who likes to learn something new, master it and move on – that’s been the story of my life until I started at Sol Granite! I really enjoy my position here and I plan on sticking around.


I learn something new and useful every day here at Sol – Katie and Juan are an amazing pair; Juan is an engineer and a wealth of knowledge (sometimes over my head!) and Katie rounds out all the rough edges to make it all come together. She really understands every facet of the day to day work we do here at Sol Granite.


Her main effort is to train our staff and make sure we are all happy worker bees; our fabricators and installers have all been taught by Juan who once worked as a fabricator/installer himself.


There’s plenty of room for opportunity to move up into other positions which include template and install, and our installers are great guys – all very professional and kind!


My Customers: I get to work with amazing people who are in a good place in their lives and are able to do something special for themselves.

I enjoy helping my customers through the process of deciding if the best fit is Quartz (a manmade material), or Granite, Quartzite, or Marble (all-natural materials) to the finishing touches such as tile.

I have amazing co-workers that I can count on to chip in with their opinion, so you get the full picture. I love to problem-solve and help my customers work through issues they may have.

Gwen Bradbury from Accent Homes, LLC

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