Have you ever stared too long at a bare wall in your house and wondered what to do with it?


You know the one – where it’s a completely blank canvas and you don’t know whether to add a splash of art, go crazy with pictures, or just leave it alone because you’re already overwhelmed thinking about it.


Not to worry, we try to be an overwhelm-free zone here at Sol Granite and Dai has a quick and easy home design tip (or two) on how to decorate a bare wall.


Let the bare wall adventure begin…


Ready to have some fun with that bare wall you keep staring at?


Wonderful, because it’s as easy and fun as hanging a beautiful rug!


It is so simple, here are the steps:


1.  Hang a rod of choice with a middle support.


2.  Hang the rug by using metal clips that match the rod or if your rug has fringe, use the fringe to tie to the rod.

In this application, we had a large rug, so by hanging it just so it would just touch the floor (and bonus points, this rug will cover an ugly plumbing box on the wall!)



3.  Add a table of choice and a lamp; in our case, we added a beautiful piece of petrified wood – instant focal point!



And there you go – no more bare wall to ponder over and you even have the chance to cover up a potential not-so-pretty crack in the wall or plumbing box.

Use your imagination with this project and have fun!

Meet Dai & Mary Ann!

Sales Manager / Interior Designer

Dai and Mary Ann are integral team members of Sol Granite!

Dai brings 15+ years of interior decorating experience — her specialty is taking what you already have and making the old look new again with new drapes, rugs, etc. Dai can start from scratch with you, or work with a budget using the existing treasure you already have! 

Mary Ann has 20+ years of residential and commercial interior design experience, including home renovations and staging for resale. And you’ve probably never met someone quicker to answer a phone than Mary Ann!

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