Are you the “let’s do this!” type of person or are you more of a “slow and steady wins the race” type?

Whatever camp you align with—this year—I was a full-on “let’s do this!” type with my home.


As if a kitchen remodel wasn’t enough, I threw in a bathroom remodel, too!

Because why not, right?


Thanks to my husband who just goes with my home design ideas (I’m the vision; he’s the man with the tools) we pulled off a successful bathroom remodel together and still remain married!


If a bathroom remodel is on your home project radar, here’s some inspiration (and all the fun details) for a charming bathroom remodel.


Unlike my kitchen remodel—which was a year in the making—this bathroom remodel took about a month or so.

Here are the fun details…



•  For the bathroom floor, wall, and shower wall we used Daltile’s Affinity tile in Cream (18×18).

•  We then pulled in Marazzi’s Lounge14 in Martini (12×24) for the dark gray tile.

•  When it came to the shower floor and alcove, we went with stone pebbles (Earth Tones) from Lowes.

(Pictured: Bathroom Floor)


(Pictured: Shower Wall)


(Pictured: Bathroom Wall)





•  As for the bathroom countertop, Cambria Quartz “Seagrove™” won us over and so did my husband’s work as he made the mirror!

    (Pictured: Bathroom Countertop and Mirror)

If you spent more time in your home this year than ever before and want to make your house more of a home, a remodel can help liven up any living space.

And don’t worry—you don’t have to wrangle your husband or partner into the heavy lifting—we have many credible remodelers for recommendation.

Yes, including my husband John VanderPutten (Precision Interiors | 719-250-0288).


Until next time…you can find me over here dreaming up my next home design project (just don’t tell my husband…yet!).


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