Did you know you could add more pop to your countertop choice by the edge you choose?

That’s right.

As if granite and quartz aren’t fun and exciting enough, you can make an even larger statement with your pick of a countertop edge.

If you’re wondering what types of countertop edges you have to choose from, let’s explore your options…



Square edges are what you typically see in a standard countertop, and it lacks any pomp or circumstance, especially in price.

This edge is perfect for a modern or contemporary look and will rarely go out of style because of its minimalism.

Easy clean-up is a breeze as crumbs won’t wipe into any cracks or special cut-outs.

If you do have small children, be aware of their height in relation to the square countertop edge and avoid (if possible) any run-ins with their bodies and the countertop.



This 45-degree angle countertop edge brings sophistication and classic touch to your kitchen, without a high cost.

Clean-up isn’t a fuss either as this countertop edge will allow for most liquids or food particles to fall or wipe onto the floor and not on your cabinets.

Make sure to watch for kids running through the countertop area as the beveled edges can be sharp and would most likely leave an impression on the kiddo that met one of its’ edges.



Now, if your style is of more opulence and warmth, the S-shaped ogee countertop edge may be perfect for your home, at a higher cost.

Because the ogee edge isn’t square or sharp it’s considered safe around kids, but the clean-up can be tricky.

This unique edge can be difficult to clean as spills can get stuck in the lines.

Keep in mind that with this countertop’s elegance you don’t want to overdo it. A kitchen island is the perfect setting for an ogee countertop edge.




If you’re looking for practical, yet modern, the full bullnose countertop edge may be exactly what your kitchen needs.

This countertop edge is curved on the top and bottom so kids won’t bonk their heads on an edge, nor will you go overboard on using this design throughout your kitchen.

The tricky part of this countertop edge is clean-up. Wiping down the area or any spills can go directly over the rounded edge and potentially hit your cabinets on the way down.




Much like the full bullnose edge, half bullnose is curved on the top, but flat on the bottom.

Because of the flatness it offers on the bottom, clean-up is much easier and won’t potentially spillover like the full bullnose.

However, safety around children will be a concern due to the lack of a fully rounded edge.

If simplicity is what you’re after–with an added depth–this may be the countertop you’re looking for.





Want to add that extra statement piece to your kitchen, but don’t know where to start?

A waterfall countertop edge flows over the sides and reaches the floor for an elegant and seamless look. 

This truly makes an artistic statement and can be seen as more than just a countertop.



If you thought choosing a countertop style was difficult, can you believe there are even more choices when it comes to the edge options?


Whether you want to keep it simple or create a luxurious kitchen experience, you have more than enough options with these five countertop edges.

*Featured Image: Picture & Home (Maverick) by Cut Above Construction & Design


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