If you know anything about granite countertops, then you know how unique this natural stone can be.

With its high durability, lasting quality, and distinct style—granite is a favorite when it comes to home design for your kitchen and bathroom.


But did you know granite countertops also offer different finishes like leathered, honed, and polished—pretty interesting, right?


Let’s find out what makes up each of these finishes and if it’s right for your home.


These different finishes can help your granite countertop stand out even more.

And because each finish has its very own characteristics, it also comes with maintenance that’s specific to each finish (so don’t get too swooned by just the look!!).



With its rise in popularity, leathered granite finish (sometimes referred to as “brushed”), gives a more textured look.

While leathered finish is probably the opposite of what you typically see in a granite countertop that shines, it’s best used in dark stones where the natural color can be retained.

This look is achieved by using diamond-tipped brushes on a honed granite surface to give a textured, dimple-like appearance.

Leathered granite finish may be low maintenance compared to other finishes like honed and polished because it can hide daily imperfections like a smudge or water spots easier thanks to its textured look (we’re lookin’ at you dirty toddler fingers!).

The only downside to this finish is repairs.

If damage does occur to a leathered countertop (ahem—teenagers; wild parties; swinging crazy things in the house!) you may be looking at repairing the entire countertop due to the finish and replication of the look.


You won’t see your reflection in a honed granite finish because what you’ll find here is a smooth, matte surface.

Honed is a no-gloss zone and is created when the process of the regular polish finishing stops right before the slab is buffed.

If you love the matte-look keep in mind this finish is a bit high maintenance compared to leathered or polished.

Due to its porous nature, you’ll need to make sure spills and any excess liquids don’t settle into the cracks and pores, so continuous resealing will be important with this countertop.

And you’ll definitely want to keep a damp cloth handy to wipe down easy-to-see dust, water spots, and fingerprints.



Polished granite finish is like seeing your reflection in the water—high gloss and you can appreciate all the details.

This granite finish is, by far, the most popular in home design because it brings out the vibrancy that each natural stone has to offer.

This is achieved when the granite countertop is buffed using fine polishing pads that help the granite’s tone appear richer and the color a little darker.

Another reason why this finish is so popular is that it offers low maintenance.

Because the polished granite finish helps seal more pores—much less bacteria and moisture can get into the stone and wreak havoc.

As long you keep this finish clean and reseal and polish the granite—you’ll have a lifelong, shiny, happy friend!


Who knew there were so many finishes to a granite countertop—did this just get your creative home design brain brewing with ideas?

This natural stone really is the gift that keeps on giving—especially with proper maintenance, some TLC, and ninja clean-up skills!

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