Autumn is officially upon us! Can you hear the leaves crackling under your feet, as you walk to the car with your pumpkin spice latte in hand?  


Now we know pumpkin spice latte screams fall, but when it comes to decorating for this new season we want you to know that you have several beautiful decorating options for your home.  


So, before you go pulling everything out of your closet, here are some of our Best Autumn Décor Tips to leave you inspired and ready to decorate your home for the fall.  

Dai & Mary Ann Spotlight | Best Autumn Décor Tips  



Just like the leaves crunching underneath your feet, flowers are in their own life and death cycle. But that doesn’t mean they’re meant for the trash can just yet.  


We suggest you use them for fall bouquets (like the ones pictured below).  


You can add grasses, berries, and pinecones to the flowers and if you’re really feeling festive, throw in a small, fake pumpkin to spice it up!  



In this picture, you’ll see that I took cut Aspen branches and tied them with twine and laid in a wooden bowl.  


I then added dried, bleached wood orbs, dried leaves, eucalyptus branches and pieces of curved wood and placed them in there as well!  


Swap fresh flower bouquets for dried ones and you officially are in the swing of fall.  





Bring the wonderful smells of Fall into your home.  


You can add musk, eucalyptus, or pine oils to a diffuser, as well as light a Fall scented candle (or two) throughout your home.  


Fall is one of the most aromatic seasons and can be enjoyed easily with these smells!  

We hope these Autumn Décor Tips gave you a nudge for your decorating inspiration. 

We’re here to help you every step of the way in your home design process — even interior design!



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