If you’re in the market to build a home, then you’re probably aware of the low inventory housing market.

Heck, that may be the reason why you want to build—can’t find a home you love and don’t want to pay escalating fees or play above asking price games!


Whatever sent you down the home building road we’re sure you have a question or two about working with a home builder.

(Ok, who are we kidding, you probably have a 3-ring binder right about now full of inquiries.)


We may not have all the answers for you because this process has so many moving parts, but we definitely have tips to help you find and work with a home builder (mindset shifts included to keep you somewhat sane).



1.   Do Your Research

We know you’ve been told to do your research, but it’s so true.

Word of mouth recommendations from friends or family is a great place to start. From that list, you can really dig in and start to research home builders.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a consultation and look at their portfolio; drive by homes they’ve built and if possible, take advantage of a spec home they’re in the process of building, so you can see the quality of work and customization options.


Bonus tip: listen to your gut and let patience win this race.

#2—Understand What You’re Signing

Once you’ve decided on a home builder (and wondered how to cover your new gray hairs) this is not the time to fall asleep at the wheel.

If you’re working with a real estate agent let their expertise guide you on the process.

If you’re not working with a real estate agent, carefully read the fine print and understand what you’re signing.

Open communication should be key to the relationship, if that’s difficult for your home builder then it’s time to find a new one before you sign anything.



#3—Know Your Budget (And Be Prepared for The Unexpected)

You have a budget in mind, now it’s time to talk details.

Whatever your budget, be prepared to pad that with roughly 10-20% of the total cost.

Wrap your head around “expect the unexpected” (delays, cost increase for materials, etc.).


Major budget issues and delays aren’t always the case, but rainbows are real, and saying a prayer to your favorite Saint doesn’t hurt to help this process run smoothly.



#4—Gather Your Creative Design Ideas

If you’re going for a completely customized home, get your Pinterest account ready because there’s no holding back for creative home design ideas.

Your builder is here to execute your dream home, so make it easy by having a clear idea (or concept) on what you’re going for.



#5—Be Clear on Your Priorities

When it comes to custom home building—be clear on the priorities of your home.

If your priority for the kitchen is open concept and centered around entertaining—let that be your focus.

Your priorities may mean you’re willing to spend money in a certain area but may have to give in other areas like sink type, knobs, or even countertops.

Whatever main focus you have for your house in general, or each room, choose quality, so you don’t get lost in the details that won’t matter in the long run.



#6—Remain A Part of the Process

The home building process can be long (think of timelines as a suggestion, really) and frustrating at times.

But that doesn’t mean you slip into a hole and wake-up when it’s all done.


Remain a part of the process—stay in touch with your builder, ask when the best time is to stop by the construction site to see the progress, take pictures along the way, and stay committed to your dream home until the end.



#7—Flex Your Patience and Mindset

Because you’re not totally in control of the home building process, and there are so many moving parts it’s important to flex your patience.

So, what does that mean?

It means having vision and flexibility.

Expect delays and understand everyone is human and makes mistakes.

Stay the course, so you can make it to the finish line without a complete mental collapse.


This is the home where you’ll make beautiful memories and spend your precious time in—make sure you can get there with your mental and physical health intact.


Alright, how are you feeling with all of these tips—ready for a nap?!

Building a home is an exciting time; embrace the ebbs and flows this process has and don’t lose sight of why you went in this direction, to begin with!


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